About McKee Building Group


A Family Owned Company

A family owned company, McKee Building Group evolved from three generations of quality construction delivery while maintaining a high level of integrity, utilizing experience and good old fashioned hard work.

In 1948, Joe Bradley started his construction career as a brick mason. Through honesty, dedication, and hard work Joe was able to advance his career to superintendent within 10 years.  He was known as a man of his word who would settle for nothing less than perfection. Joe Bradley’s passion for construction excellence and his driving work ethic helped to develop the key values that are deep-rooted in our business and our people.  Joe’s earned success and respect in commercial construction inspired his sons Jack and David to follow the same career path.

David Bradley followed in his father’s footsteps and began his construction career as a laborer. Advancing from labor foreman to superintendent, David gathered over 30 years construction industry experience before passing away in 2004. David Bradley has and will continue to play a role in the inspiration of this company.

Jack Bradley started his career as labor foreman in 1966, quickly advancing to field engineer and then superintendent. Jack has established respect and admiration throughout the construction industry. Jack plays a pivotal role at McKee Building Group. As a senior project superintendent, Jack Bradley provides over 45+ years of experience at delivering successful projects. He is truly “a key to successful construction”.

With strong leadership, integrity and a passionate dedication to his lineage, it is no wonder that Joseph Craig Bradley is the current owner and president of McKee Building Group. After working for his father as a laborer and then obtaining a Construction Management degree in 1994, Craig quickly created a name for himself in the commercial construction industry. Incorporating the Bradley’s key values, Craig’s career has progressed at a rapid pace; from project engineer, to project manager, to becoming a project executive, and now holding the title of owner and president.  Craig continues to employ his hard work ethic, commitment for excellence, and his professional integrity which ensures the success of McKee Building Group.