John Maguire | Owner

Hope Services, LLC

I wanted to thank everyone for the diligent, professional work that has been done over past few months. Wendy and I have been extremely pleased when we have had a chance to visit site. Also I receive calls every week from people interested in the project. Everyone I talk to is impressed with the building and the work in process. We have sent numerous people to go on-site to see the development of the building. Everyone at the site has been courteous and accommodating (that’s important too).  For Hope Services, LLC this is a huge undertaking. I have personally stressed and worried about this building for about 18 months. Your hard work and dedication to completing your work has both relieved some of the worry and given me confidence that our “State of the Art” Day Treatment facility will be better than I ever thought it could be.  As we get closer to the end than the beginning please keep up the good work. Our staff, the children that we serve, as well as Wendy and I are very grateful for your efforts.